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A study of a scalar field probes micro space-time

Submit Time: 2020-09-17
Author: Jian-Bo Deng 1 ; Miao-Yi Deng 2 ; Qi-Qi Fan 1 ;
Institute: 1.Lanzhou University; 2.Peking University;


In this work, we try to find a way to describe the physical law of micro-world under the frame of a space-time theory. By introducing a scalar field D(x), we rewrite the action of conventional field theory and the Lagrangian describing the motion of the particle, where a modified space-time relation is obtained. To prove the correctness of this attempt, we derive the Klein-Gordon equation by the Hamilton-Jacobi method in four dimensional form.
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From: 樊琪琪
Recommended references: Jian-Bo Deng,Miao-Yi Deng,Qi-Qi Fan.(2020).A study of a scalar field probes micro space-time.[ChinaXiv:202009.00053] (Click&Copy)
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