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Forward-looking Imaging via Doppler Estimates of Sum-difference Measurements in Scanning Mono-Pulse Radar

Submit Time: 2020-09-08
Author: 李悦丽 1 ; 马萌恩 1 ; 赵崇辉 2 ;
Institute: 1.国防科技大学电子科学学院; 2.毫米波遥感技术重点实验室;


单脉冲测角技术用于扫描雷达前视成像可有效提高图像的清晰度,但单个脉冲对同分辨单元多目标测角时会发生角闪烁现象,造成图像模糊。本文提出了一种基于单脉冲雷达和差通道多普勒估计的前视成像算法,利用目标和平台之间相对运动引起的多普勒梯度差异实现同分辨单元内不同方向目标的分离,然后在多普勒域采用和差比幅测角技术测量目标的方位角,完成能量投影。为提高测角精度,进一步提出了采用调频Z变换(Chirp Z Transform)重建和差多普勒估计并进行比幅测角的算法。点目标仿真实验结果表明,所提出的算法在前斜视方向具有分离多目标的能力,对实测数据成像结果验证了基于CZT的成像算法相比传统算法能显著提高对场景成像的轮廓清晰度。
[英文摘要] Monopulse lobing has been applied in scanning radars to improve image quality in the forward-looking area. However, monopulse measurements fail to resolve multiple targets in the same resolution bin because of angle glint, which may lead to imaging blurring. To tackle the problem, we propose a monopulse forward-looking imaging method via Doppler estimates of sum-difference measurements. Firstly, target multiplicity is resolved by exploiting the different Doppler slopes caused by relative motion between the platform and targets at different directions. Secondly, the azimuthal angles of the Doppler estimates are accurately measured by using sum-difference amplitude comparison (SDAC). Subsequently, the intensity of the sum channel estimates is projected onto the image plane according to the range and angle measurements. To further improve the precision of angle measurements, a chirp-z transform (CZT) based algorithm is proposed to reconstruct the Doppler estimates of sum-difference channels. Simulation results demonstrate the capability of our proposed methods to resolve multiple targets at the large-squint scanning angles. Real data experiments validate that the CZT based algorithm significantly improves the profile of the scene compared to that of the traditional monopulse imaging method. "
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From: 李悦丽
Recommended references: 李悦丽,马萌恩,赵崇辉.(2020).基于单脉冲雷达和差通道多普勒估计的前视成像.[ChinaXiv:202009.00016] (Click&Copy)
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