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On the description of particle system motion

Submit Time: 2020-08-25
Author: 吴峰 1 ;
Institute: 1.中国科学技术大学近代力学系;


Based on the concepts of infinitesimal and super real time-space composed of monads, the equations describing the particle flow are proposed. After the initial conditions are given, the state of the particle system at any time can be obtained by solving these equations. The physical properties of the granular matter, such as the moving velocity, the rotation angle, the angular velocity of rotation, the temperature, the pressure, the density, the mass, etc. at any time and space position are obtained. It is also to obtain that the translational motion is not dependent on rotation motion ofthe particles and can be separately analyzed. For a stationary particle system, theconditions that must be met by the force and force moment on the particles in thesystem are given. On this basis, the properties of the granular matter at rest can befurther explored for.
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Recommended references: 吴峰.(2020).On the description of particle system motion.[ChinaXiv:202008.00089] (Click&Copy)
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