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A Meta-Analysis of Mental Time Travel Impairments in Autism Spectrum Disorders


Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have a wide range of cognitive impairments. Mental time travel (MTT) is the ability to mentally re-experience past events and pre-experience possible future events. Studies have shown MTT impairments in individuals with ASD, however, these findings may be confounded by a number of factors including verbal ability to report MTT, factors related to MTT task and demographic factors of participants. The present study provided a meta-analysis on MTT deficits in individuals with ASD and examined the potential moderating variables for these impairments. Twenty-six studies were included, and the participants comprised 667 individuals with ASD and 671 healthy controls. Results showed significant overall MTT impairments (Cohen’s d = ?0.95) in individuals with ASD. Moderator and meta-regression analyses revealed that verbal IQ was significantly related to MTT impairments; type of MTT, type of task, measurement indices of MTT, age of participants, gender ratio and full IQ did not explain the MTT impairments. These findings suggest that MTT is severely impaired in individuals with ASD, verbal IQ contributed to MTT impairments, and task characteristics did not affect the degree of impairments.
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From: Ya Wang
Recommended references: Jun-yan Ye,Xiao-jing Qin,Ji-fang Cui,Lu-xia Jia,Ya Wang,Christos Pantelis,Raymond CK Chan.(2019).A Meta-Analysis of Mental Time Travel Impairments in Autism Spectrum Disorders.[ChinaXiv:202002.00010] (Click&Copy)
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