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Measuring colloidal forces between clay microparticles with optical tweezers


The enrichment of clay minerals in the slip surface of landslides, which plays an important role in the slip surface’s strength, has been proved by many scholars. From trans-scale perspectives, the interaction forces between particles, a kind of microstructure, is closely related to the macroscopic strength characteristics. Here, optical tweezers were utilized to study the friction and adhesion between clay microparticles. The interaction of clay particles has been measured by studying the forces acting on a localized particle by optical trapping. Results show that the measured interaction force between two montmorillonite particles is about tens of pico-Newtons. This method and results can not only bring an enhanced understanding of landslide mechanism but also promote the development of macroscopic soil constitutive model based on the microscopic mechanism.
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From: 蒋宇
Recommended references: 赵宇,武京治,蒋宇,胡良博,唐俊峰,黄栋.(2019).Measuring colloidal forces between clay microparticles with optical tweezers.[ChinaXiv:201912.00003] (Click&Copy)
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