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Effects of biochar on water movement characteristics in sandy soil under drip irrigation


Biochar addition can improve the physical and hydraulic characteristics of sandy soil. This study investigated the effects of biochar on water holding capacity and water movement in sandy soil under drip irrigation. By indoor simulation experiments, the effects of biochar application at five levels (0%, 1%, 2%, 4% and 6%) on the soil water retention curve, infiltration characteristics of drip irrigation and water distribution were tested and analyzed. The results showed that biochar addition rate was positively correlated with water holding capacity of sandy soil and soil available water. Within the same infiltration time, with an increasing amount of added biochar, the diffusion distance of the horizontal wetting front (HWF) tended to decrease, while the infiltration distance of vertical wetting front (VWF) initially declined and then rose. The features of wetted bodies changed from "broad-shallow" to "narrow-deep" type. The relationship between the transport distances of HWF and VWF and the infiltration time was described by a power function. At the same distance from the point source, the larger the amount of added biochar, the higher the soil water content. Biochar had a great influence on the water content of the layer with biochar (0–200 mm) and had some effects at 200–250 mm without biochar; but it had less influence on the soil water content deeper than 250 mm. For the application rate of biochar of 4%, most water was retained within 0–250 mm soil layer. However, when biochar application amount was high (6%), it would be helpful for water infiltration. During the improvement of sandy soil, biochar application rate of 4% in the plow layer had the best effect.
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Recommended references: PU Shenghai,LI Guangyong1,TANG Guangmu,ZHANG Yunshu ,XU Wanli,LI Pan,FENG Guangping,DING Feng.(2019).Effects of biochar on water movement characteristics in sandy soil under drip irrigation.Journal of Arid Land.doi: (Click&Copy)
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