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Monitoring the Dynamics of Field-Saturated Soil Hydraulic Conductivity in a Wastewater Irrigated Cropland [V5].pdf


The maintenance of adequate hydraulic conductivity is a basic priority for the function and sustainability of long-term wastewater irrigated lands. An effective procedure to measure in situ hydraulic conductivity quickly, easily, and reliably is still elusive. This study aims to compare the performance of DualHead Infiltrometers, a novel instrument designed to measure field-saturated hydraulic conductivity (Kfs) quickly and in an automated fashion, with different parameters and old infiltrometer designs; and to investigate the dynamics of Kfs in a cropland that has been spray-irrigated with treated wastewater for fifty years. Our results showed that a modified procedure with a longer, single pressure cycle yielded results with lower coefficients of variation (CVs) for both pressures and infiltration rates, and performed better than the original procedure with two short pressure recycles. Kfs values measured by DualHead Infiltrometers were similar to those measured by double-ring infiltrometers in most conditions. Viscosity-corrected Kfs on irrigated croplands was 123.8±94.0 mm h-1, insignificantly higher than that on the non-irrigated croplands, 103.2±94.6 mm h-1. We observed seasonal variations in Kfs values between winter and summer conditions, but infiltration rates during all seasons remained much higher than the spray irrigation rate (4.25 mm h-1). Nevertheless, with CVs greater than 67%, caution must be exercised to ensure that hydraulic conductivity remains high enough to prevent runoff at all times, especially during winter frozen conditions.
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From: 张思毅
Recommended references: Siyi Zhang,Isaac Hopkins,Li Guo,Henry Lin.(2019).Monitoring the Dynamics of Field-Saturated Soil Hydraulic Conductivity in a Wastewater Irrigated Cropland [V5].pdf.[ChinaXiv:201904.00091] (Click&Copy)
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