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Study on Al2O3 Extraction From Activated Coal Gangue under Different Calcination Atmospheres


Coal gangue was calcinated under air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air-hydrogen, and hydrogen atmospheres. The effects of different calcination temperatures and atmospheres on the mineral composition of activated coal gangue were investigated by X-ray diffraction. Moreover, the acid leaching kinetics of aluminum oxide from coal gangue was investigated with sulfuric acid. It showed that the air atmosphere promoted kaolinite decomposition during coal gangue calcination. The hydrogen atmosphere promoted the activation and decomposition of kaolinite at reaction temperatures exceeding 650 degrees C. The carbon dioxide atmosphere eliminated the influence of residual carbon on coal gangue. When the ratio of acid/coal gangue was 1.5 and reaction temperature was 650 degrees C, the sulfuric acid leaching rate under air, air-hydrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and nitrogen atmospheres were 93.66%, 90.90%, 84.06%, 81.91% and 77.54% respectively. The acid leaching reaction process conformed to unreacted shrinking core model of particle unchanged, and was controlled by the interfacial chemical reaction. The reaction kinetic equation for the leaching process was 1-(1-x)1/3=kt with an apparent activation energy of 48.97 kJ/mol.
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Recommended references: DONG Ling1, LIANG Xinxing1,2, SONG Qiang1, GAO Gewu1, SONG Lihua1, SHU Yuanfeng1,SHU Xinqian1*.(2018).Study on Al2O3 Extraction From Activated Coal Gangue under Different Calcination Atmospheres.热科学学报.[ChinaXiv:201801.00585] (Click&Copy)
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