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The in-plane ferromagnetic ordering in half-metallic CuCr2Se4?xBrx (x=0.25) single crystal

Submit Time: 2017-11-27
Author: 张蕾 中科院强磁场中心 ;
Institute: 1.中科院强磁场中心;


The transport property of chalcogenide spinel CuCr2Se4 with an itinerant ferromagnetic ground state can be modulated by doping of bromine, where the half-metallic state can be realized around x = 0.25 in CuCr2Se4?xBrx system. In this work, the single crystal CuCr2Se4?xBrx (x =0.25) with the cleave surface (111) plane has been investigated by the electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. The EPR results show that the in-plane magnetization is strong while the out-ofplane one is weak, which indicate that the spins are ferromagnetic ordered within the (111) plane. In addition, the isothermal EPR spectra in the ferromagnetic phase display that the spin coupling strength (λ) and crystal field (ΔCF ) depend on the rotation angle φ as relation λ/ΔCF / cos φ. Moreover, the peak-to-peak linewidth ΔHPP increases linearly with the decrease of temperature, which suggests that the spin-orbit coupling is enhanced linearly with temperature cooling.
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From: 张蕾
Recommended references: 张蕾.(2017).The in-plane ferromagnetic ordering in half-metallic CuCr2Se4?xBrx (x=0.25) single crystal.[ChinaXiv:201712.01948] (Click&Copy)
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