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Progress of beam diagnosis system for EAST neutral beam injector.pdf

Submit Time: 2017-11-27
Author: Xu,Yongjian Institute of plasma physics, CAS ;
Institute: 1.中国科学院等离子体物理研究所;


Neutral beam injection has been recognized as one of the most effective means for plasma heating.According to the research plan of the EAST physics experiment, two sets of neutral beam injector were built and operational in 2014. The paper presents the development of beam diagnosis system for EAST neutral beam injector (NBI) and the latest experiment results obtained on the test-stand and EAST-NBI-1 and 2. The results show that the optimal divergence angle is (0.62°, 1.57°) and the full energy particle is up to 77%. They indicate that EAST NBI work properly and all targets reach or almost reach the design targets. All these lay a solid foundation for the achievement of high quality plasma heating for EAST.
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From: 许永建
Recommended references: Xu,Yongjian.(2017).Progress of beam diagnosis system for EAST neutral beam injector.pdf.[ChinaXiv:201711.02796] (Click&Copy)
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