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Spherical-box approach for resonances in presence of Coulomb interaction


The spherical-box approach is extended to calculate the resonance parameters and the real part of the wave function for single particle resonances in a potential containing the long-range Coulomb interaction. A model potential is taken to demonstrate the ability and accuracy of this approach. The calculated resonance parameters are compared with available results from other methods. It is shown that in the presence of the Coulomb interaction, the spherical-box approach works well for not so broad resonances. In particular, for very narrow resonances, the present method gives resonance parameters in a very high precision.
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Recommended references: Shan-Gui Zhou,Jie Meng,En-Guang Zhao.(2017).Spherical-box approach for resonances in presence of Coulomb interaction.[ChinaXiv:201708.00260] (Click&Copy)
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