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Determining the upper limit of Γee for the Y(4260)


By fitting the R values between 3.7 and 5.0 GeV measured by the BES Collaboration, the upper limit of the electron width of the newly discovered resonance Y(4260) is determined to be 240 eV at 90% C.L. Together with the BaBar measurement on Γee• B(Y(4260) → π+π- J/ψ), this implies a large decay width of Y (4260) → π+π- J/ψ final states.
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Keywords: Y(4260);
Recommended references: X. H. Mo,G. Li,C. Z. Yuan,K. L. He,H. M. Hu,Hu J. H.,P. Wang,Z. Y. Wang.(2017).Determining the upper limit of Γee for the Y(4260).[ChinaXiv:201703.00608] (Click&Copy)
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