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The Interference between Continuum and Resonance in e+e-?→ cc Experiment


e+e? experiments at charmonium production threshold are reviewed, it is found that the contribution of the continuum process via virtual photon has been neglected in almost all the experiments and most channels analyzed. It is pointed out that the contribution of the continuum part may affect the final results significantly in ψ(2S) and ψ(3770) decays, while the interference between the continuum amplitude and the resonance amplitude may even affect the J/ψ decays as well as the ψ(2S) and ψ(3770). This leads to the revise of the analysis of strong and electromagnetic amplitude in ψ(2S) decays, including ψ(2S) → V P which is the long lasting puzzle between J/ψ and ψ(2S) decays. For ψ(3770) physics, a large constructive interference for light hadron modes and destructive interference for DD could be responsible for the discrepancy between the larger cross section of inclusive hadrons by direct measurement of e+e? → ψ(3770) → hadrons than the DD cross section measured using D single-tag and double-tag method.
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Keywords: between Continuum;
Recommended references: P.Wang,C.Z.Yuan,X.H.Mo,D.H.Zhang.(2017).The Interference between Continuum and Resonance in e+e-?→ cc Experiment.[ChinaXiv:201703.00594] (Click&Copy)
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