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The Contribution of One-photon Annihilation at ψ(2S) in e+e- Experiment


The continuum one-photon annihilation at ψ(2S) in e+e-?experiment is studied. Such contributions to the measured final state ωπ0 and π+π- at ψ(2S) mass are estimated by phenomenological models. It is found that these contributions must be taken into account in the determination of branching ratios of ψ(2S) →ωπ0 and ψ(2S) → π+π- , as well as other electromagnetic decay modes. The study eaches the conclusion that in order for BES to obtain the correct branching ratios on these decay modes, at least 10pb-1 of data below the ψ(2S) peak is needed.
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Recommended references: Wang Ping,Yuan Chang-Zheng,Mo Xiao-Hu.(2017).The Contribution of One-photon Annihilation at ψ(2S) in e+e- Experiment.[ChinaXiv:201703.00592] (Click&Copy)
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