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Leptonic Unitarity Triangles and Effective Mass Triangles of the Majorana Neutrinos


Given the best-fit results of six neutrino oscillation parameters, we plot the Dirac and Majorana unitarity triangles (UTs) of the 3\times 3 lepton flavor mixing matrix to show their real shapes for the first time. The connections of the Majorana UTs with neutrino-antineutrino oscillations and neutrino decays are explored, and the possibilities of right or isosceles UTs are discussed. In the neutrino mass limit of m_1 \to 0 or m_3 \to 0, which is allowed by current experimental data, we show how the six triangles formed by the effective Majorana neutrino masses \langle m\rangle_{\alpha\beta} (for \alpha, \beta = e, \mu, \tau) and their corresponding component vectors look like in the complex plane. The relations of such triangles to the Majorana phases and to the lepton-number-violating decays H^{++} \to \alpha^+ \beta^+ in the type-II seesaw mechanism are also illustrated.
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Recommended references: Zhi-zhong Xing,Jing-yu Zhu.(2016).Leptonic Unitarity Triangles and Effective Mass Triangles of the Majorana Neutrinos.[ChinaXiv:201609.01025] (Click&Copy)
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