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A split SUSY model from SUSY GUT


We propose to split the sparticle spectrum from the hierarchy between the GUT scale and the Planck scale. A split supersymmetric model, which gives non-universal gaugino masses, is built with proper high dimensional operators in the framework of SO(10) GUT. Based on a calculation of two-loop beta functions for gauge couplings (taking into account all weak scale threshold corrections), we check the gauge coupling unification and dark matter constraints (relic density and direct detections). We find that our scenario can achieve the gauge coupling unification and satisfy the dark matter constraints in some part of parameter space. We also examine the sensitivity of the future XENON1T experiment and find that the currently allowed parameter space in our scenario can be covered for a neutralino dark matter below about 1.0 TeV.
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Recommended references: Wang, Fei,Wang, Wenyu,Yang, Jin Min.(2016).A split SUSY model from SUSY GUT.JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS.[ChinaXiv:201605.01138] (Click&Copy)
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