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Heavy colored SUSY partners from deflected anomaly mediation


We propose a deflected anomaly mediation scenario from SUSY QCD which can lead to both positive and negative deflection parameters (there is a smooth transition between these two deflection parameter regions by adjusting certain couplings). Such a scenario can naturally give a SUSY spectrum in which all the colored sparticles are heavy while the sleptons are light. As a result, the discrepancy between the Brookheaven g(mu) - 2 experiment and LHC data can be reconciled in this scenario. We also find that the parameter space for explaining the g(mu) - 2 anomaly at 1 sigma level can be fully covered by the future LUX-ZEPLIN 7.2 Ton experiment.
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Recommended references: Wang, Fei,Wang, Wenyu,Yang, Jin Min,Zhang, Yang.(2016).Heavy colored SUSY partners from deflected anomaly mediation.JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS.[ChinaXiv:201605.01134] (Click&Copy)
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